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What is WaveArt?

WaveArt is the only smart security system that able to detect both movements and noises in home, offices, and flats using ultrasound waves that cover most important spots in the premises.

WaveArt App is compatible with IOS, Android, Apple WATCH and Any type of Android Wear.


WaveArt relies on most advanced technology that uses sound waves to detect both movement and noises with very high accuracy, using powerful sound waves to cover a large area of the house.

When sound waves travel and hit movement object, the reflected waves (echo) will be detected by the very sensitive microphone and translate this movement if it’s real or not by measuring the amount and size of the reflected wave.

The same thing happened when thief enters home and starts moving or making some noises, the sound waves will be reflected and activate the alarm.


  • PIR & (motion detector sensors) detect false alarms
  • Thief able to hide themselves from PIR sensors
  • PIR sensor should be installed away from windows, air conditions and radiator
  • Sensitivity to light and shadow
  • The need for several devices in every home and under every window
  • PIR sensors don’t work if a thief body temperature same as the room temperature
  • PIR sensors have a narrow-angle coverage

The Solution

How Does It Work?


High Accuracy

Detect Both Movements & Sounds

Cover Wide Area

Small & Portable

Low Consumption Power

Very Sensitive

Connected To The Internet

Push Notifications alert

Ability To Connect It With Existing Sirens

Not Affected By Sun Light, Shadow

Not Affected By Heat

Competitive Advantages

Small In Size

No False Alarms

Detect Only Human Not Pets

Sound Detection

Cover Wider Area

Cover Wider Angle

Connect With Smartphone App

Connect With Any Existing Alarm System

High Accuracy

Freedom Installation Area

Connect With Any Security System

Connect With Any Existing Alarm System

No Installation Required

Where To Use?






Jewellery shops


Our Team

Asem Mallisho
CEO Chief Executive Officer
Asem Mallisho is the founder of Thinking Technology Co. The firm strives to provide
proactive technology solutions.
Asem has more than 18 years of management experience in sales, operations and
team-building. He Incorporates his experience in IT Systems, Network Solutions and
Access Control Systems.
At his old firm, PC Time Co. Asem was responsible for business development and
creating new partnerships. He increased the company's revenue to $50 million and
received several achievement awards and many preferred partner certifications.
Asem Mallisho received a B.A. in Electromechanical Engineering from Amman
University College in Amman, Jordan, for Applied Engineering (Al-Balqa).
Asem lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and plans to settle in Birmingham, UK, bringing
his invaluable experience to the UK's service.
Osama Mallisho
CCO Chief Commercial Officer
Osama Mallisho is a self-directed, multi-talented, and ambitious sales and
management professional. He is well-versed in strategic marketing and sales
planning, leading to strong growth that is aligned with the firm’s long-term strategic
objectives. Osama has over 20 years of experience in sales operations and team-
building. He spent 17 years in PC Time Co. as Director of Corporate Sales & IT
Solutions, and he has worked as Territory Sales Manager in Intel Security (McAfee)
since 2014.
In 1997, Osama completed his BAEng Bachelor in Computer Engineering from
Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan. He attended the following related
courses to his function:
Leadership and Management Masterclass 2012
Sales Excellence Course 2016
Sell to Our Strength 2017

Osama is proud of the following achievements during his professional life:
 Selling McAfee security solutions to large enterprises and recognized as the

top Multi-Solution Sales Manager in the region.
 Growing the annual turnover of corporate sales and IT solutions department
in PC Time Co. to $25 million with year-on- year double digit growth.
Osama lives in Saudi Arabia and his dream is to grow and plan a safe and prosperous
future for himself and his family. He will be the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of
WaveArt Co. in the UK. He will capitalize his extensive experience to drive the
company to the leader position in the market as he has successfully started the new
business, built the team, and managed and grew the company in a very professional
and systematic way.

MHD-Alaa Safieh
R&D and Innovation Director
Alaa Safieh is an electronics engineer and an entrepreneur who is passionate about
digital technology. Graduating in 2009 with a bachelor degree in Electronics and
Communication engineering, Alaa has successfully designed and installed solutions
for physical security, data communications, audio-visual, and electronic
entertainment for may projects in both commercial and residential buildings.
Since 2009 he has worked for multiple different companies in Saudi Arabia and has
attended many exhibitions about digital technology in the region. He co-founded
Thinking Technology, a tech company that provides digital technology solutions to
clients in Saudi Arabia where he holds a CTO position.
Alaa also co-founded WaveArt in the UK as a manufacturer for motion detection
technology. He is currently a R&D and Innovation Director at WaveArt. In WaveArt,
he developed a new technology for detecting motion that he thinks will overcome
problems those occur with old technologies. The new technology can be used in
many applications such as physical security.
Alaa is planning to move to the UK and work closely on his new invention to develop
the WaveArt company.
Marwan Safieh
CBO Chief Business Officer
Marwan Safieh is a consultant in mechanical engineering who specializes in lifting
equipment, earth moving equipment and steel fabrication equipment. He has
worked on many construction and steel fabrication projects in Asia and Africa.
Marwan earned his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in 1975 and since
then he has managed different types of projects including manufacturing of steel
structures, buses, trailers, electric towers, dumb trucks body and many others. He
pursued training courses in many countries around the world such as Nissan Diesel
in Japan, Tower Cranes in China, Bamford in England, and T&E in Nigeria.
Currently, Marwan is working in the construction area in the tallest tower in the
world (Jeddah Tower) as an Operations Manager in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has
also co-founded WaveArt in the UK and holds the CBO position at WaveArt
Marwan is planning to move to the UK and work in the development of WaveArt,
utilizing his wide experience in engineering and management for the success of the

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